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5 Surprise

5 Surprise Dino Strike Colour Change

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A little SURPRISE!

Uncover, construct, and engage in thrilling dino battles with the 5 Surprise Dino Strike Color Change. Open the mystery capsule to discover one of 13 formidable dinosaurs. Build your dinosaur toy and prepare for an epic showdown! Equip protective armor and a firing weapon to launch ammo up to 5 feet / 1.5m away. Each dinosaur features incredible color-changing abilities and articulated movements. Among the 13 collectible dinos are rare ones like the Tri Blaster, Wreck Rex, and Skelosaur, whose skeletal bodies undergo color changes. Are you up for the challenge of taming these dynamic dinosaurs?

Please note that this product is available in assorted styles, and the images are representative of the range. Colors and styles may vary both in-store and online. If ordering online, the item will be selected at random.

Suitable for ages 3+