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Cat® Roarin’ Rex-Cavator

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Build it and Break it with the Ultimate Constructor!

A fun and exciting mash-up for kids, the Roarin' Rex-Cavator is a new take on a traditional construction vehicle. It combines the much-loved toy excavator with the mighty king of the Dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Control the movement of the neck and head with two ergonomic joysticks, accompanied by lights and roaring sounds. 

Also included is 8x nesting building blocks that are just as fun to build up as it is to destroy them! Knock the blocks down with the constructor for a satisfyingly fun experience. 

  • Move the neck and head with the joysticks
  • Dino sound effects and light for an engaging experience
  • High quality toy designed for outdoor or indoor play
  • Comes with building blocks to build up and knock down

Suitable for children ages 3 and up