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Jurassic Park Chaos Effect - Amargospinus 1997

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Excellent condition Kenner Chaos Effect Amargospinus from 1997

Amargospinus was a toy released in the Chaos Effect Line. It is a hybrid of Amargasaurus and Spinosaurus.


  • This item is in very good unopened condition. Cardboard is fully attached and straight. 
  • Very slight crease in top corner as shown
  • Slight scuff marks on perspex

InGen's effort to create a ferocious carnivore with the size of a brachiosaur resulted in the massive Amargospinus. Standing over 40 feet tall, its long neck and tail provied a wide attack radius for its razor-sharp jaws, while its spiny back and slashing neck spikes offer a near-impenetrable defense. The Amargospinus is a loner by nature and second only to the Ultimasaurus for individual ferocity.

With Attack Jaws & Ultra-Defense Neck Spikes