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Jurassic Park Chaos effect - Tyrannonops 1997

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Very Good condition Kenner Chaos Effect Tyrannonops from 1997

Tyrannonops was a toy released in the Chaos Effect Line. It is a hybrid of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Lycaenops.


  • This item is in good unopened condition. Cardboard is fully attached and straight. 
  • Perspex has some damage/creasing as per imaged
  • Crease in bottom corner
  • Slight scuff marks on perspex

Powerful and vicious, the Tyrannonops is a genetic mix between the terrible T-Rex and the tiger-like early reptile, Lycaenops. Long fangs compliment a strong, agile body, creating one of the most aggressive hunters to emerge from the CHAOS genetic labs.

With Saber Strike Fangs!