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(Rare) 2018 Jurassic World™ Set Mercenary & Dimorphodon

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A Classic Jurassic Action Figure

Play, pose and recreate your favourite themes in the Jurassic movies with this realistic figure and mini dino. With articulated limbs and authentic decoration, this figurine will be a welcome addition to any Jurassic World fan's collection. This figure also comes with a baby Dimophodon and an accessory.



  • Realistic figure based off the Jurassic World franchise
  • Articulated joints on the figure
  • Baby dimo figure included
  • Comes with an attachable accessory


Condition: great unopened condition. Slight bend in the top of the cardboard. 

This variation of the box does not have the "new" label on the corner.


Not suitable for children under the ages of 3