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Playmobil Dino Rise: Dino Rock 70623

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Help the Dino Escape!

The Stegosaurus is stuck inside of Dino Rock! Insert one of the energy stones into the key and then into the rock to free him. But the energy rocks aren't easy to retrieve, greedy Ludmilla and her sidekick Ralph have stolen them to build a new drilling robot. In the treehouse, form a plan to take back the lost stones in order to free the Stego. The elevator is packed with defensive tools that they need! The flap bridge leads to a secret cave hideout for safety or in case of emergency. Use the functioning cannons  to defend your base! 



  • A tactical base for epic battles, including hideout and treehouse
  • Functioning cannon defense system
  • Free the dinosaur from the rock using the stones!
  • An epic play set to ignite creative storytelling 
  • This play set includes sounds, lights and vibrating elements!


Suitable for children ages 5 to 10