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Zuru Smashers Mini Jurassic Light-Up Dino Egg

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Surprise Light Up Dinos!

Prepare for a thrilling adventure as you smash, dig, and slime your way through more than 10 exciting Smasher surprises. Unleash the power within the Jurassic Light Up Egg, excavate through meteorites and slime to uncover your dinosaur pieces, and construct your very own Smash-o-saur to witness it illuminate in Jurassic action! With three dinosaurs to smash and collect, engage in smashing, building, and battling with Smashers!

Discover 10+ surprises by smashing the egg and navigating through sticky slime and meteorites. Don't miss out on smashing the mini egg for additional surprises. Experience the magic of a light-up dino as you move its tail, igniting your Smash-O-Saur with Jurassic RAGE. Smashers is the ultimate egg, urging you to SMASH, SMASH, SMASH to reveal your Smash-o-saur!

Build your collection by acquiring all three SMASH-O-SAUR DINOS - the T-Rex, Spinosaurus, and Stegosaurus. Engage in epic Smash Battles by collecting Smashers Eggs and orchestrating a fierce fight between your Jurassic Dinos! The question remains: Who will emerge victorious?


Suitable for ages 4+